The PBL in Action video series showcases PBL education pathways available for students across Texas.

Thermochemistry: PBL in Action

Watch as students at Del Valle High School learn thermochemistry to evaluate the claims made by the creators of the Coffee Joulie in their pitch on Shark Tank.

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Blanco: Teaching Independent Student Research

Students apply research methods to investigate factors that are associated with epidemics on campus and in their community.


Akins Math - Problem-Based Learning: Predict My Time

Check out problem-based learning in this video as students analyze their teacher's running training data to predict race performance


Akins School Culture: Designing School Culture

Students decide to improve the reputation of their academy by starting a t-shirt design contest with an end result of a more positive school culture.


Flatonia: Taking a Stance: The HeLa Cell Controversy

Students engaged in interdisciplinary PBL experiences to debate whether researchers have the right to assert ownership over blood samples for use in research without the patient's consent.


Dripping Springs: PBL in Action

Watch Ms. Cooper's class utilize PBL kinematic equations analyze the free throw shots of basketball players and help them improve