Transformation Central strives to improve student achievement outcomes, as determined by state and national standards, for all students. As such, Transformation Central is charged with disseminating information and resources to support implementation of quality PBL initiatives.



The ends are the means: project-based learning

Project-based learning is based on inquiry directly related to the content that students need to know. Instead of summing up a unit, the project encapsulates the unit from beginning to end. The project is based on driving questions that engage real-world problems, forcing students to engage in critical thinking and problem solving, not simply giving answers.

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Conversation and Academic Language Guide for ELLs

The language of school and the workplace uses specialized speech patterns that are different from informal communication used outside of the classroom. Speaking and writing in school requires us to express our ideas in more complex and concise ways. These sentence stems are available to help students build language patterns around certain academic tasks and specific vocabulary, often referred to as “mortar” terms. Use this language guide for student conversations as well as academic writing and thinking.

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PBL Presentation Planning Guide

This guide is for students to use when planning their PBL presentations.

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PBL for Students with Disabilities

This livebinder resource supports teachers in the design of Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences for students with disabilities (SWD).

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Dripping Springs: PBL in Action

Watch Ms. Cooper's class utilize PBL kinematic equations analyze the free throw shots of basketball players and help them improve

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